Proud Parent

Prisca, our little gymnast, made us proud last night at her Home Meet. She has been working really hard on her routines, and she did a fantastic job! My girl collected a bunch of medals as she placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on her routines. I was actually more excited than she was about her achievement.

This experience reminded me of how my father felt watching me play in a soccer championship game. The only time he came out to watch me play. It was my school, Makole Primary, playing against the highly favored team to win, Kankoyo Primary School in Kankoyo, Mufulira. We were 1 goal down going into the second half at Mutende Stadium. I came off the bench to provide an assist to Fumbani Muwowo and I scored our winning goal. We carried the day with a 3-2 win. Moses Mfula scored the other goal. I remember seeing my coach, Mr. Kanyembo and my father jumping up and down with excitement, just like I did last night for Prisca! I believe it gives our kids an extra boost of morale if we show up to watch them compete. So proud of our future Olympian!

Published by David Mushimba

David continues to reinvent himself. Some might call him a leader, an educator, author or a role model. Born in Zambia from humble beginnings, he relocated to the USA for a better life. He is often asked to tell his story. Using his platform as a leader, writer, speaker, and activist, he hopes to inspire others by telling his story and discussing solutions to global issues in education, the workforce, the justice system, religion and current affairs. David seeks to challenge others to think independently and critically about who they are, what their beliefs are. David has been featured as a speaker to various audiences. He is a published author of the book titled African Born, American Bound for Success. He holds a Master’s degree in accounting, and is currently working at the Georgia Department of Labor as a leader of the tax audit team.

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