About David Mushimba-

David is a regular guy who continues to reinvent himself. Some might call him a leader, an educator, author or a role model. Born in Zambia from humble beginnings, he relocated to the USA for a better life. He is often asked to tell his story. Using his platform as a writer, speaker, and activist, he hopes to inspire others by telling his story and discussing solutions to global issues in education, the workforce, the justice system, religion and politics. David seeks to challenge others to think independently and critically about who they are, what their beliefs are. He hopes to entertain and motivate people through blogging. David is a sales and accounting leader. He has been featured as a speaker to various audiences. David is a published author of the book titled African Born, American Bound for Success. He holds a Masters degree in accounting from Shorter University, and is currently working at the Georgia Department of Labor as a leader of the tax audit team.

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